Humanity's Team Programs

1. Living In Oneness Summit

Living in Oneness Summit focuses on how we can embrace the Divine within so we restore our joy, play, grace and beauty. Our speakers specifically address how we live as One: in our own life, with our significant other, parenting our children, in the workplace and as a public service leader.
2. Humanity’s Team Conscious Business Initiative

We live in a remarkable time in humanity’s evolution. The old paradigm of separation has brought us to the brink of ecological, social, and economic collapse. By fixating excessively on profit, business has been at the heart of the problem. But a new reality is dawning.

At this time many are realizing our essential Oneness, the fact that we are one with each other, with the Cosmos/Divine, and with all of life. We are all interrelated, interconnected and interdependent. Human institutions are also integral parts of this singular reality. This new awareness makes it clear that the purpose of business is to nurture and serve the evolution of life on Earth, as an expression of Oneness. This is fueling a new movement to align the institution of business with this reality.

This shift in the business paradigm is critical at this time. Global corporations have become the most powerful institutions on Earth. As they shift to Oneness they will become the engine for creating a world that works for everyone and all life. 
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3. Oneness & 12 Spheres of Life

With Oneness taking flight, humanity now desires to see this Sacred fundamental Reality manifest on the ground. This is the purpose of the Humanity’s Team Oneness in Twelve Spheres of Life initiative.

Using Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Twelve Sector Wheel of Co-creation that represents the basic functions and activities of our collective global interconnected community as well as the Energy of our Natural Cosmos, we intend to infuse the different spheres of life with our Oneness - through our Living in Oneness and our Community Circle Programs); our Five Steps to Peace (view page or download PDF file); our Mission Statement; our Oneness Statement; and our Declaration on Cultural Diversity. 

4. Global Oneness Day

Global Oneness Day occurs on October 24 every year. On Global Oneness Day, people and organizations in many countries celebrate our Oneness, our connectivity to one another and all life on the planet. Through Global Oneness Day, we have been able to make a positive impact on the lives of thousands of people around the world. You will begin to see information for the next Global Oneness Day in August of each year.

Read our Oneness Declaration in many different languages here.
5. Community Circle

Community Circle is for people who enjoy Humanity’s Team telesummits but who want to have a deeper and richer experience. If you feel drawn to connect with your deepest purpose, to be part of a loving community, who believes we are all One, and who are aware of the Divine in all life, then Humanity’s Team Community Circle is for you. We welcome members who come from diverse backgrounds but share a common commitment to awakening to Oneness and advancing a compassionate world that works for all.

Learn about the benefits of joining our Community Circle. Thank you for considering membership. Once you join, we know you will be glad to be a part of our team!
6. Humanity's Team Spiritual Leadership Awards

The Spiritual Leadership award, which our movement gave to Nobel Peace laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu in Pretoria, South Africa, in 2009, has become the standard among global awards honoring individuals for distinguished inspired action and eminent visionary leadership.

7. Evolution Revolution

The Evolution Revolution is a global movement seeking to bring an awareness to humanity that the problem in the world today is not a political problem, not an economic problem, and not a military problem. The problem in the world today is a spiritual problem, and it can only be solved by spiritual means.

 Many—perhaps most—of the challenges we face as a species have been created by the things we believe. Specifically, the things we believe about the Divine, about life, about ourselves and who we are, about our true relationship to the Divine and to each other, and about the purpose of Life Itself.

 Our mission is to propose an awareness about all of these things. 
8. Prayer, Intention & Meditation

Humanity's Team presents monthly Power of Prayer calls with host Rev. Michele Sevacko, Ph.D.

All are welcome to this powerful group call that comes together to pray for loved ones, themselves and others.

 Bring any prayers and intentions to this call and feel the authentic and inspiring power of many people gathering to help themselves and others.

Please join our Prayer, Intention, Meditation Requests Facebook page too! 

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